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Hi I'm Emily

Hi, my name is Emily... and I invite you to BREAK THE RULES
As a Mindset Coach (NLP & TLT), Personal Trainer and Mum of two, I encourage you to PUT YOURSELF FIRST. For the sake of your family.
I encourage you to IGNORE the world around you telling you that you must 'get your pre-baby body back'

I want you to focus on WHY fitness, nourishment and self-love makes YOU happy. Not anyone else.
Because the world need more happy Mums. Mums who bring up children who love themselves and others.
I became passionate about fitness after the birth of my first child, when I needed a way to manage my mental health.

I am NOT naturally fit! I DON'T have endless 'motivation', and I'm not competitive at any sport. I'm pretty average really!

I have however, learned how important mindset and exercise is for not only me, but my family.

Working with Mums has made me realise the BIGGEST barrier to happiness for us is our mindset, especially when we are tired, busy and never put ourselves first.

My goal is to help all Mum's be the best version of themselves from the mindset out, by using mental and physical tools that WORK!

The improvement to every area of your life through this habit will be exponential. Try it. You won't look back.

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What My Fit Mummas Say

  • Before TUF Mums Mindset I was struggling to feel good about myself and lacked the motivation to exercise.

    I chose this course as it wasn't just another exercise program, it's the full package to help me develop the skills to make exercise part of my everyday life.

    I now exercise every day and actually want to do it! I feel amazing about myself, I have so much energy and motivation. Emily made it so easy!

    Kim Kiwi Mum with 8 Month Old Boy
  • Before TUF Mums Mindset I was stuck in a rut of making excuses as to why I couldn't exercise.

    Since completing the course I have become much more accountable and mentally positive, I exercise daily without a second thought and don't make excuses anymore.

    The more I'm doing this the more I want to do, I'm proud of myself and so are my family for the changes I have made.

    Helen FIFO Wife and Mum to a very energetic 2 year old boy!
  • I decided to do this course because I hoped it would be the missing piece of the exercise puzzle …and it was!

    Week one and two really set me up for success with the rest of the course as they made me realise how easy it is to fit exercise in.

    Since doing the course I find myself adding in little bits of exercise randomly throughout my day and I have even motivated a few friends to improve their fitness alongside me.

    Carrie-Anne Mum of 3 Beautiful Children

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