Struggling with feelings of guilt, shame, self consciousness?

Lack of motivation and drive?

Do you start working towards goals then self sabotage?

Maybe you're unclear about what you want and how to get there?

You are not alone.

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy can help.

We remove the power of negative emotions from your past, and inject strategies that work specifically for the way YOUR brain functions... in order to create the exact life you want to experience.

I help Mums all over the world achieve their mental and physical goals through this incredible form of mindset training. 

You CAN be your best self, inside and out.

You just need the tools that work for you, to get you there now.

What's involved?

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2 Hour Breakthrough Session
  • Release all negative emotions
  • Remove mental blocks
  • Create actionable pathways towards your goal



10 Week Uplevel My Life Program
  • Starts with 2 Hour Breakthrough Session
  • Weekly re-programming sessions for 6 weeks
  • Tasks and support between sessions
  • Fortnightly sessions last 4 weeks - to empower you to take responsibility for change

Value $1040AUD

You pay: $100 p/w OR $900 upfront (10% discount)

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Casual 1 Hour Session (only available for clients who have done a breakthrough or 10 Week Program) - $120AUD


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